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Walker, Jack (L) Nov 29, 1888 Silver Mountain, ON, CAN
Wall, Bob (D) Dec 1, 1942 Richmond Hill, ON, CAN
Wallin, Jesse (D) Mar 10, 1978 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Walz, Wes (C) May 15, 1970 Calgary, AB, CAN
Ward, Aaron (D) Jan 17, 1973 Windsor, ON, CAN
Wares, Eddie (D) Mar 19, 1915 Calgary, AB, CAN
Watson, Bryan (D) Nov 14, 1942 Bancroft, ON, CAN
Watson, Harry (L) May 6, 1923 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Watson, Jim (D) Jun 28, 1943 Malartic, QC, CAN
Watts, Brian (L) Sep 10, 1947 Hagersville, ON, CAN
Webster, Tom (R) Oct 4, 1948 Kirkland Lake, ON, CAN
Weiland, Cooney (C) Nov 5, 1904 Seaforth, ON, CAN
Weir, Stanley (C) Mar 17, 1952 Ponoka, AB, CAN
Weiss, Stephen (C) Apr 3, 1983 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wetzel, Carl (G) Dec 12, 1938 Detroit, MI, USA
White, Ian (D) Jun 4, 1984 Steinbach, MB, CAN
Whitelaw, Bob (D) Oct 5, 1916 Motherwell, GBR
Whitney, Ray (L) May 8, 1972 Fort Saskatchewan, AB, CAN
Wilder, Arch (L) Apr 30, 1917 Melville, SK, CAN
Wilkie, Robert (D) Feb 11, 1969 Calgary, AB, CAN
Williams, Burr (D) Aug 30, 1909 Okemah, OK, USA
Williams, David (Tiger) (L) Feb 3, 1954 Weyburn, SK, CAN
Williams, Frederick (R) Jul 1, 1956 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Williams, Jason (C) Aug 11, 1980 London, ON, CAN
Wilson, Johnny (L) Jun 14, 1929 Kincardine, ON, CAN
Wilson, Larry (C) Oct 23, 1930 Kincardine, ON, CAN
Wilson, Lefty (G) Oct 15, 1919 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wilson, Rick (G) Aug 10, 1950 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wing, Murray (D) Oct 14, 1950 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Wiseman, Eddie (R) Dec 28, 1912 Newcastle, NB, CAN
Woit, Benny (R) Jan 7, 1928 Fort William, ON, CAN
Wojciechowski, Steve (R) Dec 25, 1922 Fort William, ON, CAN
Wong, Mike (C) Jan 14, 1955 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Woods, Paul (C) Apr 12, 1955 Hespeler, ON, CAN
Woolley, Jason (D) Jul 27, 1969 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wregget, Ken (G) Mar 25, 1964 Brandon, MB, CAN
Wright, Larry (C) Oct 8, 1951 Regina, SK, CAN
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