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Armstrong, Murray (C) Jan 1, 1916 Manor, SK, CAN
Bennett, Frank (L) Mar 4, 1922 Toronto, ON, CAN
Brown, Adam (L) Feb 4, 1920 Johnstone, GBR
Bruneteau, Eddie (R) Aug 1, 1919 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Bruneteau, Moderre (Mud) (R) Nov 28, 1914 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Bukovich, Tony (L) Aug 30, 1917 Painesdale, MI, USA
Buller, Hy (D) Mar 15, 1926 Montreal, QC, CAN
Carveth, Joe (R) Mar 21, 1918 Regina, SK, CAN
Check, Lude (L) May 22, 1919 Brandon, MB, CAN
Dion, Connie (G) Aug 11, 1918 St-Remi-de-Rinqwick, QC, CAN
Egan, Pat (D) Apr 25, 1918 Blackie, AB, CAN
Franks, Jimmy (G) Nov 8, 1914 Melville, SK, CAN
Grosso, Don (L) Apr 12, 1915 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Hollett, Flash (D) Apr 13, 1912 North Sydney, NS, CAN
Howe, Syd (C) Sep 28, 1911 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Jackson, Harold (D) Aug 1, 1918 Cedar Springs, ON, CAN
Jennings, Bill (R) Jun 28, 1917 Toronto, ON, CAN
Kane, Francis (D) Jan 19, 1923 Stratford, ON, CAN
Kilrea, Ken (L) Jan 16, 1919 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Liscombe, Carl (L) May 17, 1915 Perth, ON, CAN
Lumley, Harry (G) Nov 11, 1926 Owen sound, ON, CAN
Lynn, Vic (L) Jan 26, 1925 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
McAtee, Jud (L) Feb 5, 1920 Stratford, ON, CAN
Quackenbush, Bill (D) Mar 2, 1922 Toronto, ON, CAN
Reay, Billy (C) Aug 21, 1918 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Rossignol, Roly (R) Oct 18, 1921 Edmundston, NB, CAN
Ruelle, Bernie (L) Nov 23, 1920 Houghton, MI, USA
Sherf, John (L) Apr 8, 1913 Calumet, MI, USA
Sherritt, Gordon (D) Apr 8, 1919 Oakville, MB, CAN
Simon, Cully (D) May 8, 1918 Brockville, ON, CAN
Smith, Carl (R) Sep 18, 1917 Cache Bay, ON, CAN
Smith, Nakina (C) Jul 26, 1915 Cache Bay, ON, CAN
Smith, Normie (G) Mar 18, 1908 Toronto, ON, CAN
Thomson, Bill (C) Mar 23, 1914 Troon, GBR
Zunich, Rudy (D) Nov 24, 1910 Calumet, MI, USA
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