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Amadio, Dave (D) Apr 23, 1939 Glace Bay, NS, CAN
Arbour, Al (D) Nov 1, 1932 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Bailey, Bob (R) May 29, 1931 Kenora, ON, CAN
Burton, Cummy (R) May 12, 1936 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Dea, Billy (L) Apr 3, 1933 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Delvecchio, Alex (C) Dec 4, 1932 Fort William, ON, CAN
Dineen, Bill (R) Sep 18, 1932 Arvida, QC, CAN
Ferguson, Lorne (L) May 26, 1930 Palmerston, ON, CAN
Fielder, Guyle (C) Nov 21, 1930 Potlatch, ID, USA
Godfrey, Warren (D) Mar 23, 1931 Toronto, ON, CAN
Goegan, Pete (D) Mar 6, 1934 Fort William, ON, CAN
Hendrickson, John (D) Dec 5, 1936 Kingston, ON, CAN
Hollingworth, Gord (D) Jul 24, 1933 Montreal, QC, CAN
Howe, Gordie (R) Mar 31, 1928 Floral, SK, CAN
Kelly, Red (D) Jul 9, 1927 Simcoe, ON, CAN
Kennedy, Forbes (C) Aug 18, 1935 Dorchester, NB, CAN
Kilrea, Brian (C) Oct 21, 1934 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Lalande, Hec (C) Nov 24, 1934 North Bay, ON, CAN
Leswick, Tony (L) Mar 17, 1923 Humboldt, SK, CAN
McCarthy, Tom (L) Sep 15, 1934 Toronto, ON, CAN
McCreary, Bill (L) Dec 2, 1934 Sundridge, ON, CAN
McIntyre, Jack (D) Sep 8, 1930 Brussels, ON, CAN
McNeill, Billy (R) Jan 26, 1936 Edmonton, AB, CAN
McNeill, Stu (C) Sep 25, 1938 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Mickoski, Nick (L) Dec 7, 1927 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Oliver, Murray (C) Nov 14, 1937 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Olson, Dennis (C) Nov 9, 1934 Kenora, ON, CAN
Poile, Don (C) Jun 1, 1932 Fort William, ON, CAN
Pronovost, Marcel (D) Jun 15, 1930 Lac-de-Tortue, QC, CAN
Prystai, Metro (C) Nov 7, 1927 Yorkton, SK, CAN
Reibel, Dutch (C) Jul 21, 1930 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Sawchuk, Terrence (Terry) (G) Dec 28, 1929 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Smith, Brian (L) Dec 6, 1937 Creighton Mines, ON, CAN
Strate, Gord (D) May 28, 1935 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Ullman, Norm (C) Dec 26, 1935 Provost, AB, CAN
Wilson, Johnny (L) Jun 14, 1929 Kincardine, ON, CAN
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