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Bergeron, Michel (R) Nov 11, 1954 Chicoutimi, QC, CAN
Berry, Fred (C) Mar 26, 1956 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Bloom, Mike (L) Apr 12, 1952 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Cameron, Al (D) Oct 21, 1955 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Coates, Steve (R) Jul 2, 1950 Toronto, ON, CAN
Giacomin, Eddie (G) Jun 6, 1939 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Giroux, Larry (D) Aug 28, 1951 Weyburn, SK, CAN
Grant, Danny (L) Feb 21, 1946 Fredericton, NB, CAN
Hamel, Jean (D) Jun 26, 1952 Asbestos, QC, CAN
Harper, Terry (D) Jan 27, 1940 Regina, SK, CAN
Harvey, Buster (R) Apr 2, 1950 Fredericton, NB, CAN
Hextall, Dennis (C) Apr 17, 1943 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Joly, Greg (D) May 30, 1954 Calgary, AB, CAN
Kelly, Dave (R) Sep 20, 1952 Chatham, ON, CAN
Lapointe, Rick (D) Aug 2, 1955 Victoria, BC, CAN
Larson, Reed (D) Jul 30, 1956 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Leblanc, Fern (C) Jan 12, 1956 Gaspesie, QC, CAN
Leblanc, Jean-Paul (C) Oct 20, 1946 South Durham, QC, CAN
Libett, Nick (L) Dec 9, 1945 Stratford, ON, CAN
Lochead, Bill (L) Oct 13, 1954 Forest, ON, CAN
Maloney, Dan (L) Sep 24, 1950 Barrie, ON, CAN
Martineau, Don (R) Apr 25, 1952 Kimberley, BC, CAN
McCutcheon, Brian (L) Aug 3, 1949 Toronto, ON, CAN
McKechnie, Walter (C) Jun 19, 1947 London, ON, CAN
Murray, Terry (D) Jul 20, 1950 Shawville, QC, CAN
Nahrgang, Jim (D) Apr 17, 1951 Millbank, ON, CAN
Polonich, Dennis (C) Dec 4, 1953 Foam Lake, SK, CAN
Richardson, Terry (G) May 7, 1953 Powell River, BC, CAN
Ritchie, Bob (L) Feb 20, 1955 Laverlochere, QC, CAN
Rutherford, Jimmy (G) Feb 17, 1949 Beeton, ON, CAN
Schamehorn, Kevin (R) Jul 28, 1956 Calgary, AB, CAN
Schofield, Dwight (D) Mar 25, 1956 Waltham, MA, USA
Sheehan, Bobby (C) Jan 11, 1949 Weymouth, MA, USA
Watson, Bryan (D) Nov 14, 1942 Bancroft, ON, CAN
Williams, Frederick (R) Jul 1, 1956 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Wilson, Rick (G) Aug 10, 1950 Toronto, ON, CAN
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